IT Support packages to suit your school

IT Support Packages for Schools

Trailblaze IT offer high quality services for the best prices. We have two IT Support packages available - Scheduled Visits + Remote Support, or Unlimited Visits + Remote Support.

You can sign up to our packages at any point during the school year. Our team investigates every issue within the first hour and we offer guaranteed response and resolution times with our leading Service Level Agreements. This means you can be assured that you are getting the best possible, efficient service available.

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Scheduled Visits + Remote Support

Purchase a set amount of hours per month, and these can be used for either site visits or remote support.

Our Scheduled Visits + Remote Support package is flexible, allowing you to choose how to use your hours on a month-by-month basis. You can increase your hours or frequency at any time should you find you require more support.

  • Purchase a set amount of hours per month
  • Allocate hours to either site visits or remote support, or a mixture of both
  • Add more hours the next month if you wish to increase support
  • Tailor your package by adding any of our Managed IT Services

Unlimited Visits + Remote Support

Our Unlimited Visits + Remote Support package will keep your school running smoothly.

Set visits are great, but when a problem arises 5 days before your next visit, then this can have an impact on your school’s performance. Our Unlimited Visits + Remote Support package provides you with peace of mind that any IT issues will be swiftly resolved, so that they don't interrupt your school day. This package is at a fixed price, so it doesn't make any difference to your budget if you contact us more frequently, as the price remains the same. This is also our greenest package, reducing carbon emissions by an engineer visiting only on request, rather than every week. When a site visit is required they are made using our electric cars which are charged using 100% renewable energy.

Our unlimited support service flips the traditional IT support model on its head, putting your school's interests first. Being at a fixed price, it is in our interest for your IT to work the best that it can. Simply - the better your IT works, the less you need us, the more problems you have, the more engineer hours we have to provide, the more it costs us, not you.

  • Unlimited IT Support
  • All support requests are addressed by an engineer within one hour guaranteed
  • Includes 2 hours per week Proactive Management free of charge (backups, antivirus, updates, security patches)
  • Fixed Price
  • Tailor your package by adding any of our Managed IT Services

Please see our package comparison table below.

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Scheduled Visits + Remote Support

  • Scheduled Engineer Visits - Allocate a number of hours to one or more scheduled engineer visits each week (min 2 hours per visit).
  • Climate friendly - site visits are made using our electric cars which are charged using 100% renewable energy
  • Remote Support - Allocate a number of hours for remote support or swap a set visit for remote support when needed.
  • Same Visit Resolution - we aim to resolve all issues on the day that we visit.
  • Support Requests - you have the choice of recording your issues centrally at the school ready for when your engineer visits or all staff can log them directly with our helpdesk in advance.
  • IT Management - tasks can be carried out during your visit. Including:
    • Backup checks
    • Antivirus checks
    • Change management
    • Security management
    • Server management
    • Update management
  • Service Level Agreements - Guaranteed response and resolution times for remote support with our SLA backed service.
  • Support Access - Your school staff have access to an engineer during their scheduled visit and our team for remote support.
  • Add Managed IT Services - Combine our Scheduled Visits + Remote Support with our managed services to tailor make a package right for your school.

Unlimited Visits + Remote Support

  • Unlimited Engineer Visits - get a site visit whenever an issue cannot be resolved remotely. Receive a visits any day of the week. No call out fees. Next day visits for high priority issues.
  • Unlimited Remote Support - Backed by an SLA, staff have access to a full support team 5 days a week.
  • Our Greenest Package - we complete as much support remotely where possible to reduce our carbon footprint. When a site visit is required they are made using our electric cars which are charged with 100% renewable energy.
  • 1hr Resolution - All requests are worked on by an engineer within the first hour of being submitted. Anything that cannot be resolved within the first hour is completed in line with your chosen SLA.
  • Support Requests - all school staff can log support directly. Every issue, no matter how big or small, is covered by our unlimited support service.
  • Proactive IT Management - In addition to providing support, our engineers will spend approximately 2 hours per week carrying our proactive management of your network. This includes:
    • Backup checks
    • Antivirus checks
    • Change management
    • Security management
    • Server management
    • Update management
  • Service Level Agreements - Guaranteed response and resolution times for every request with our SLA backed service.
  • Support Access - All school staff have direct access to our support team during working hours.
  • Add Managed IT Services - Combine our Unlimited support with our managed services to tailor make a package right for your school.

Fresh Start

Save 25% on your annual support costs
Our Fresh Start service can transform the running of your school and save you money. Trailblaze IT give your entire system and network a complete refresh. This irons out any underlying issues within your system for a fast-running and efficient performance.

  • Save 25% on your annual support cost
  • Brand new system, based on a tried and tested template
    • All underlying issues resolved
    • New, faster and more reliable system
    • Unknown issues or future issues avoided
    • All updates and firmware updates applied
    • All configs reset and documented
  • All of your equipment will be serviced and classroom equipment calibrated and checked
  • As your new system is built by us, to our spec and documented, our engineers know your systems inside and out from day one
    • Our engineers are able to resolve support requests a lot faster
    • Any system changes have the desired outcome
    • As we can resolve issues faster, we charge you less for support

Managed IT Services

We offer a wide range of Managed IT Services. Any of these services can be added on to either of our IT Support Packages and a tailored quote provided. Please see a list of Managed IT Services below:

  • IT Management Service - Up to 2 hours per week for:

    • Antivirus Management
    • Backup Management
    • Security Management
    • Server Management
    • Update Management
    • Procurement & Budget Planning Advice
  • Server-as-a-service - We provide, manage and maintain a server on loan for the duration of the contract, saving you £5,000 - £10,000 ever 5 years in replacement costs.

  • Cloud Hosting - We host a copy of your network in the cloud to allow you to keep working in the event of a server outage at the school.

  • 24/7 server and infrastructure monitoring - We monitor your systems for faults, and any issues are raised to our service desk and worked on proactively.

  • Cloud MIS & Finance hosting - We host your MIS and finance systems, saving you £1,000+ per year compared to Capita hosting

  • Cloud Remote Access - Allow your staff to access their school documents, apps and shared areas from home on any device using our secure, GDPR compliant remote access.

  • Cloud (offsite) backup service - We provide a cloud backup of your files to protect you from data loss, hardware failures and natural disasters

  • Cloud Anti-Virus protection - Our cloud based anti-virus solution designed to protect your data

  • Onsite backup service - We provide a backup solution to automatically backup the files stored on your network.

  • Offline backup service - In-line with DFE guidance, we provide an offline backup service to protect you from ransomware and disasters

  • Disaster recovery solution - We provide a full disaster recovery solution and service so you are covered in the event of a disaster

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Your Green IT Provider

We are taking every possible step to reduce our carbon footprint, and we strive to be the greenest IT provider for schools in the UK.

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Why choose Trailblaze?

Our schools love us!

We have received over 97% 5-star feedback from customers

Green IT provider for schools

We take steps to reduce our carbon footprint read more here.

7 years' experience

Our expert team have a wealth of experience providing IT solutions to schools

Charity and Social Pledge

We donate glasses to children in Ethiopia and fund planet-saving projects read more here.

Leading Service Level Agreements

We offer set response and resolution times to provide the best service

Engineer within 1 hour

All support requests are investigated within one hour

Together, we can make a difference

For every 25 IT support tickets our schools make, Trailblaze IT pay for an eye test and a pair of prescription glasses for a school child in Ethiopia. So far, this school year, we have donated 200 pairs of prescription glasses to children in Ethiopia. So together, we can make a difference.

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Email us at to request our latest brochure and to view our prices. Alternatively, please call our expert team today on 0330 223 6000 to find out how we can help you.

You're in safe hands

We offer a comprehensive range of Managed IT Services to help you get the best from your IT. Delivered by a highly skilled and experienced team, we offer enterprise-class services to satisfy the scale of any school, while always maintaining an intimate, user-focused approach.

We work within ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 standards and ensure everything we do is documented, audit-able and always completed to a high standard and inline with our internal processes and procedures. Internal automation, documentation and procedures allow us to provide highly effective support.

Our integrated quality and IMS policy is available on request.

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