Cloud Migrations

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Cloud providers invest in large scale security and fault tolerant systems with teams of engineers to support them. This allow schools to benefit from mass economies of scale and levels of fault tolerance and security that are unachievable for most. Cloud solutions often provide much lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) when compared like-for-like with onsite solutions.

Our experts can help you make the most out of the cloud, including online storage, document sharing, offsite backup, remote working and much more.

We can help schools migrate from an onsite server to Cloud hosting, Microsoft 365 or Google Apps.

We have you covered with our all-in-one setup and migration service that takes care of things from start to finish.

Why should schools move to the cloud?

There are many benefits to moving to the cloud, including reduced costs, increased efficiency and improved security. Due to the clear advantages of Cloud Solutions, the Government introduced the 'Cloud First Policy' in 2013 - to encourage organisations to explore Cloud Solutions first before considering other options. Read more here on the Government website: The Cloud First Policy. Please see below some of the reasons schools should migrate to the cloud.

Reduced Costs

By migrating to the cloud, schools would no longer need to pay to maintain and replace onsite servers. They can also benefit from reduction in licence costs. It's easier to manage costs with Cloud based services as they are on subscription, so there are no nasty suprises.


The cloud offers greater flexibility and efficiency, saving teachers time. Staff are easily able to share and collaborate on files. It's also much easier for staff to access data quickly and efficiently due to faster log in times. Teachers can also access their files remotely, wherever there is a WiFi connection.

Protection from data loss

One of the greatest advantages to migrating to the cloud is the added security and protection it provides. We also offer disaster recovery as one of our Managed IT Services. By storing a complete copy of your files in the cloud, we can recover your data within minutes in the event of a disaster.

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